Excerpt No. 1

When I die

will I

become nothing at all?

When I die

what will I be?

Will I become

next a fly

when I die?

Or a tall tree?

What will I be?

Could I be

a butterfly

when I die?

When I die

what will become of me?

When I die

will I be

never more?

Will I be gone?

A soul forlorn?

Am I just … me?

Where will I be?!

Are we one

or are we not?

What’s our lot?

Why can’t I see?

Oh, why can’t I see? …


2 Responses to “Excerpt No. 1”

  1. 1 Valerie Oktober 14, 2009 um 11:56 am

    I’ve read this one a few times. Death is a tough one, I like to go with the Heaven theory. That when I die everyone who has died before me will be up in some great little place, happy and in no more pain. Perhaps I’m selfish and it is my way of coping with the loss of loved ones, but it works for me. It’s nice to think there will be peace in some wonderful Utopia :o)

  2. 2 Kipepeo November 7, 2009 um 12:08 am

    This year I’ve had a number of people pass on…so I’ve read this like Valerie a number of times over. I have asked myself the same things over and over…are they looking down on us, did they become something else – the ant I saw crawling up the honey jar the other day, the bird that wakes me up in the morning? Or are they simply gone – the end. Dead. It’s something I’m really really grappling with and hopefully I will find peace in all of it some day….

    Great blog, great words!

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