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Excerpt No. 3

Way up high. Angels see us. Being stupid. And cry.

Way up high. Upper than the sky.

Angels wonder why.

Way up. From where we live. Angels look at us. And grieve.

Way up. Way upper from where we live.

Angels shake their heads.

In disbelief.


Excerpt No. 2

The thought I give
The joy I cry

The dream I live
The kiss I lie

The luck I spill
The love I talk

The hurt I feel
The life I walk

I am man.

Excerpt No. 1

When I die

will I

become nothing at all?

When I die

what will I be?

Will I become

next a fly

when I die?

Or a tall tree?

What will I be?

Could I be

a butterfly

when I die?

When I die

what will become of me?

When I die

will I be

never more?

Will I be gone?

A soul forlorn?

Am I just … me?

Where will I be?!

Are we one

or are we not?

What’s our lot?

Why can’t I see?

Oh, why can’t I see? …

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